2016/05/01 UP

New In : Richardson 16SS NEW ITEMS

Richardsonより、2016 Spring/Summer New Itemをご紹介致します。

Creasy Jacket ¥82,000+TAX

A8 William Pope Tee ¥6,500+TAX

Lada and the Swan Tee ¥6,500+TAX

Lada and the Swan Crew ¥24,000+TAX

Phalanx Coaches JKT ¥46,000+TAX

Phalanx Hoodie ¥29,000+TAX

Phalanx Tee ¥6,500+TAX

Phalanx LSLV Tee ¥16,000+TAX

R Glyph Pocket Tee ¥6,500+TAX

Phalanx Swim Trunks ¥18,000+TAX

Phalanx Cap ¥12,000+TAX

Phalanx Tote ¥6,500+TAX

Phalanx Key Chain ¥980+TAX


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